From a Rs 10,000 Loan to a Billion-Dollar Empire: The Incredible Journey!

Name: Sudha Murty
Role: Infosys Foundation Chairperson


Trailblazing as the first female engineer at TELCO (now Tata Motors)
Overcoming societal challenges to achieve her engineering degree during a time when female engineers were rare
A multi-faceted individual, serving as an educator, acclaimed author, and dedicated philanthropist
Connected through marriage to N R Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys
Remarkable Act: Extending a Rs 10,000 loan to her husband Narayana Murthy to help him establish his own company
Sudha Murty displayed unwavering belief in her husband Narayana Murthy’s business proposition by investing her personal funds. This courageous move occurred during the formative stages of India’s IT sector. Sudha Murty’s conviction in the boundless growth potential of the IT field highlights her visionary perspective. The paragraph implies that Sudha Murty’s investment wasn’t just about money, but also her anticipation of substantial industry growth within India.

Sudha Murty’s pivotal role doesn’t end there. She took the decisive step of offering a loan of Rs 10,000 to Narayana Murthy. This loan, ingeniously utilized by Narayana Murthy, marked the commencement of Infosys in 1981. What’s intriguing is that this impressive startup journey began within the confines of a one-bedroom apartment, symbolizing the humble origins of a future tech giant.

In contemporary times, Infosys commands its place as a premier global IT powerhouse. Its astounding market capitalization stands tall at Rs 586,196 crore. Sudha Murty, reflecting on her legacy, deems her decision to support Narayana Murthy with the Rs 10,000 loan as her most brilliant financial move. With a touch of humor, she playfully speculates that this investment might qualify her as one of India’s – or perhaps even the world’s – finest investors. Sudha Murty candidly shared these sentiments in an interview with NDTV, saying, “Maybe I am the best investor in India at least. Or maybe in the world…I don’t know.” This sentiment encapsulates her humility and remarkable insight.

Through her enduring involvement, Sudha Murty currently retains a 0.95 percent stake in Infosys. Her saga is one of determination, foresight, and support that has contributed significantly to the shaping of Infosys into the global tech giant it is today.

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