This Stock is going to give a Good Return?

Currently Nifty Breaks his All time High with that there is a share in which we came across which is showing some movement in monthly chart . This stock is preforming really well for past few months and can give good and promising results. There are Some few reason Due to which this is happening.

Basically the Fuel related companies like Adani , BPCL and Indian oil others are now diversifying rapidly to set up Non-Fuel related Business at Petrol Filling Station. There these companies are emerging with cafes and convenience store and if the filling station is big in size then it end up for kids Play ground also basically they are targeting Filling Station on Highways as they have more space compare to a filling station in Cities.

So, Now how its related to BPCL as you know it is diversifying its business and Due to this there is a pattern formation in Chart . A Round Bottom formation is started to form in BPCL. Currently the Price of BPCL in last closing session is 378 Rs. and in future it may go high.

The other thing for investment in this stock is that the CMO indicator is also showing some Promising sign as it started moving above the range of 25. If you don’t Know about CMO that how it work ? Then search about Chande Movement Oscillator you will get to know about how it works.

So, These are the few reason which can affect the price of BPCL and in future we can see some movement in the stock price of it.

DISCLAIMER: This Post is Just for Education Purpose Only , This Post is not for Buying Recommendation. We are not Responsible for Any of your Profit/Loss.

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